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It's April 10, so naturally it's snowing in Winnipeg. The kids were amazed at the spectacle that is the de-icing of the plane's wings. At first they thought the plane was being painted for our special trip to Disney World. (I wanted to play along but I had to let them know the green "paint" would soon disappear as the plane took flight.)
After a slight delay thanks to the weather conditions, the plane full of kids had to stomp and wave their arms in the air to get the plane off the ground.
My seat mates, Ocean and Jericho, had lots of questions from how the plane works to what Disney World is like. Even with all the answers I gave I think the kids were more stoked about being able to watch TV and movies on the plane.
Hit 'em hard
Shortly after take-off the in-flight pillow fight begins. As I run down the aisle it seems like kids take that opportunity to hit me -- hard. This year, one hit sent my camera to the floor. It was actually pretty funny. No harm done!
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JB makes some new friends on the plane