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Thanks to my endorsement of Space Mountain on the plane, the group of boys was excited to check out that ride first. And we did. Like most years, one of the kids was nervous about going on the roller coaster. He stayed back while I went on the first spin with the rest of the kids. Once the ride was over, the three boys were able to convince the other that the ride wasn't that bad. Sure enough, he was game to try it and said it wasn't as bad as he thought. He already said it was his favourite ride at Disney World. To be honest, it was the first one we'd gone on!
It certainly set the bar high for their amusement ride expectations. Spoiler: They were pretty happy with any ride that went fast.
Let the magic begin
The kids taught me something new: Eyes closed, arms up. I've been to Disney many times but never have I employed this technique on a ride. Wouldn't you know it, the kids were onto something. It added a new thrill to the roller coasters that twist and turn and toss you around.
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